Clean Desk, Happy Desk!

  • Nov 22, 2022

An organized desk is a happy desk and the perfect time to clean and reorganize your desk is at the beginning of the new quarter! Whether it's Q1 or Q4 – sometimes filing away old projects, dusting your monitors and the deep recesses of your desk, and wiping everything down with an antibacterial wipe is super satisfying. So why not give your clients, or your team members, that same satisfaction with these six products?


1. Antibacterial Wipes

These antibacterial wipes are perfect for wiping down your keyboard, phone, mouse, desk, and more. Give your desk the deep clean it always deserved. 


2. Cleaning Spray

This spray is two-in-one! Not only do you get the cleaning spray, but you also get a handy microfiber cloth! Perfect for cleaning devices like your phone or tablet - they're also great for cleaning your glasses too! 


3. Crumbee 

We all do it - we all have a snack at our desk! Whether its crackers, chips, nuts... crumbs are inevitable! Crumbee is a super handy-dandy little handheld vacuum that makes getting those crumbs, pencil shavings, and more off your desk hassle-free.


4. Wireless Charger with UV-C Chamber

Our phones, masks, wallets, keys... can all get really dirty. This handy dandy charger not only - well, charges your phone, but it also cleans your phone! While it doesn't remove the dust or the sticky bits from your last donut break, it will help kill germs with powerful UV rays. 


5. Retractable Duster

Perfect to store in your desk drawer, this retractable duster is a great way to keep the dust that collects in the forgotten corners of your desk from becoming dust bunnies! 


6. Ultra Desk Caddy

Round off your cleaning spree with this desk caddy! Deep enough to store scissors and with multiple sections to keep your highlighters separated from your pens. This is the best way to keep your favorite writing implements organized and within reach.



See anything here that screams clean to you? Or have another idea in mind? Give us a call today! 

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