Get a No Obligation Quote & Free Artwork Mockup For Your Printed Apparel
Pear Connects Your Group with a Sponsor
Pear is a network of companies that wants to sponsor your group. Just complete simple tasks for your sponsor, get friends to join and earn points redeemable for free shirts & screen printing from CAT Specialties! What are you waiting for?!?!
Get Started Today
Step 1:
Choose Your Sponsor
Check out which sponsors are available to help you. Sponsors vary from time to time and if there isn't a sponsor available right now, don't worry, sponsors are added frequently—just try back another time.
Step 2:
Rally Your Group
Your sponsor will have simple questions for you and anyone can join the fun to raise points for your group. Get as many people as possible to raise points quickly. Fundraisers last for a maximum of 10 days.
Step 3:
Enjoy Your Rewards
When the sponsorship period is over, you can redeem your points for up to $1,000 worth of t-shirts and printing services from CAT Specialties. Use them for baseball teams, school clubs, church groups and more!