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What is screen printing?

Screen printing describes a resourceful group of technologies based around the printing of a viscous ink usually through a fine mesh or screen that is tightly stretched around a rigid frame. If more colors are desired in the final design, the printing process is repeated with additional screens.

Although small and intricate details can be captured, screen printing shirts is ideally suited for bold and graphic designs.

Screen Printing Animation

A simple demonstration of how screen printing works

  1. A screen with your graphic etched onto the surface is made.
  2. Your garment or other product is placed underneath.
  3. Ink is squeezed through the screen, transferring your print
  4. Screen is lifted and either you’re done or another screen will be used to apply another color.

What’s the advantage of screen printing?

Screen printing process generally is less expensive to produce than embroidery and is graphically-friendly; virtually any logo or photograph can be color separated and imprinted on screen printed t-shirts.

Screen printed t-shirts can be sought after items for job-related attire, employee recognition, family reunions, student clubs/sororities/fraternities, grand openings, on air contests, bar mitzvah party favors, marathons, movie/book/band/night club promotions—the list goes on and on and is only limited by your imagination.

* All screen printed artwork above was created by CAT Specialties' Art Department


An early Chinese screen printer
What’s the difference between Screen printing and silk screening?

You hear the terms interchangeably and we’re here to say they’re two sides of the same coin. Screen printing is a form of stenciling that first appeared in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). From its inception to the 20th century, silk was used as the primary screen material for screen printing, hence where the term “silk screening” derives from.

CAT Specialties’ modernized printing machine

As technology progressed during the industrial age, the use of synthetic screens like polyester mesh began to dominate the industry as these synthetic screens made screen printing much more affordable.

Why should my business be interested in screen printed apparel?

Branding your business goes a long way and putting a custom logo or artwork on a high-quality garment shows you mean business.

Selling screen printed shirts is also a great way of promoting your business, event, club, etc. Screen printed shirts capture the essence of fundraising events and when the design is dazzling, screen printed t-shirts get worn frequently which passively promotes your event all year round.

Screen printing shirts is the user-friendly solution for event planners.

  • Instant brand recognition
  • High appeal as promotional items
  • High return on investment
  • Easily deployable
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