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Phantom Spyder RT Full Size Patch

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Our First Run is Now Complete and Ready

By request, "Spyder Roadster RT Patches" Currently Available in 3 RT Friendly Colors:blue, black, and red.

We're excited about these, These beautiful Full Size Black Phantom RT patches measure approximately 9.25" high by about 10" wide, that's from the tips of the webbing.

They're sewn on a charcoal background for maximum contrast.
For those who only go metric that should translate to 23.5Cm x 25.4Cm.

Sure to go great on the back of those vests and jackets.

In stock now and available for immediate shipping.

Remember to always sew patches on garments, the adhesive on the back isn’t made for rugged wear, and you don’t want this beauty to crawl away.

Stock is Limited, Get Yours While they last!

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