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Whether you run a small operation or a Fortune 500 company, the face of your business should always represent your company or brand in a way that instills confidence and competence. Researchers at NYU concluded that people make 11 key judgements about others in the first 7 seconds1. Since appearance is always the first thing anyone notices, you don’t have a large window of opportunity to make a positive impression on potential customers. A part of that is having your company representatives wear branded clothing that shows their affiliation with your brand. Here are 5 reasons why your business should be using branded corporate apparel.

  1. It Lets Customers Know Who You Are
  2. We’ve all been in a situation where we’re in a new store looking for help from a sales associate only to find that workers are dressed like everyone else. This makes it very difficult to know who works there and who doesn’t. Not only is it frustrating for customers, but 86% of them quit your business everyday because of poor customer service—in comparison, only 9% leave because of price2. So if your customers can’t even tell who your employees are, how exactly is that helping this 86% migration from happening?

    Many retail stores have their employees in branded apparel to help customers easily identify them in a crowd as shown on the left photo.
  3. It Conveys Professionalism
  4. Professional Corporate Workwear

    Let’s say you’re looking to have some plumbing work done. You’re not going to feel as confident in your plumber if he shows up wearing a plain dirty t-shirt and jeans versus an embroidered polo shirt with the company logo on it and some durable work pants. It’s not just about extending the brand, it’s about conveying to your customers confidence and competence.

  5. Eliminates Guesswork on the Part of Employees
  6. Not having an established style guide or uniform means that employees can wear whatever they want and sometimes this can reflect poorly on your company image. Having branded apparel for your employees creates an automatically appropriate image that employees don’t have to stress over.

    Cluttered Closet
    Try to come up with a fresh outfit everyday when your closet looks like this.

  7. People Associate Branding with Quality
  8. There’s a reason why Apple is enjoying unprecedented success and it’s not solely because they build a better product, it’s because they built a brand around a great product. It’s the reason why many take their iPhones, computers and laptops to the Apple Genius Bar instead of hundreds of other cheaper shops that are just as qualified at servicing their products. Having branded apparel is a part of an overall branded experience that you want to offer customers to convey superior quality.

    Apple Genius Bar
    Apple has gone though great lengths to strengthen their brand. Part of that is their corporate apparel: vibrant t-shirts accompanied with the iconic Apple logo says a thousands words without saying a single one.

  9. Puts Customers at Ease
  10. The other problem with the two plumbers discussed earlier is that there’s no way for a customer to know if the t-shirt and jeans plumber is really the plumber of just some random person. If you’re the kind of business that has to meet with clients at their home or office, having branded corporate apparel eliminates having to explain why you’re there and who you represent.

So there you have it, 5 great reasons why your company should have corporate apparel when interacting with customers and clients: it shows professionalism, competency, high quality and trustworthiness. You’ve only got seven seconds to make a good impression so why not use corporate apparel to create a good impression so that you can focus on winning new customers.