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Any business owner will tell you about the importance of advertising. What’s the point of opening up a new business or running a special if nobody knows about it? Sure you can take out a billboard ad, newspaper ad or even make a TV commercial, but those avenues of exposure are limited to one spot and dependent on people noticing your message at the right time. In a sea of businesses all trying to promote their product or service’s value, you immediately stand out if you accompany or even set aside the sales pitch and offer the prospect something tangible and has value. This is where promotional products gets you noticed. Here are 5 ways promotional products can expand your brand!
  1. They Go Places You Wouldn’t Even Think of
  2. Crowded event

    Using traditional advertising can be hit or miss. You need to know your demographic, when and where to execute your strategy and most important, how to convince prospects of your company’s value. But a much larger and easier demographic to satisfy are people who like free stuff! Promotional products like coffee mugs or t-shirts have a habit of permeating throughout your targeted area. T-shirts get worn outside of the events they were distributed at. Mugs with your logo imprinted get used by the prospect in their workplaces. Sunglasses with a message get worn at the park or at the beach. You’ll never know how far your products will go after you’ve given them away and that unpredictability means you’ll reach a more diverse pool of prospects than many forms of advertising can pull off.

  3. Cross Marketing with Related Businesses Becomes a Breeze
  4. Handshake

    Cross marketing with other businesses is a great way to create a wonderfully mutually beneficial partnership between related businesses. Let’s say you run a local medical clinic and you’re looking for ways to get more referrals to your clinic. Meanwhile, across town, there’s a small pharmacy looking to partner with a clinic to get more doctor referrals to their shop. Using pens as a promotional product, the clinic and pharmacy can each purchase 500 pens promoting their respective businesses and distribute their pens at each other’s establishments. Not only will the patient get a referral to the pharmacy, but they’ll be more inclined to go to that particular pharmacy because of the free pen coupled with a professional recommendation.

    The situation can play out vice-versa and the two businesses can enjoy helping each other out, all thanks to using promotional products to expand their brands to the right clientele.

  5. They’re Great for Employee Appreciation
  6. Employee Meeting

    Promotional products aren’t just exclusively used as marketing tools, they can also be a great way of showing employees you appreciate their hard work while solidifying your brand. Premium promotional products like mugs, flash drives and even golf accessories can be both useful to your employees and impactful for your brand. Not only will employees appreciate the gesture, but employees will use these items at home and on-the-go which further exposes your brand far beyond your expectations.

  7. They Spark Marketing Creativity
  8. Man Thinking

    People love free stuff, and if you can come up with a creative way to deliver that stuff to your prospects, the more successful your message will be. Let’s say you run a car wash that’s seen better days. You’ve tried lowering prices, advertising specials and discounts but you’re worried that discounts and specials are causing you to compete for bottom dollar so you’re looking at travel mugs as a way of generating excitement once again about your business. You can just sponsor a local event and pass out 500 travel mugs and hope a prospect will remember your logo, read the address and stop by for a car wash or you can run a special promotion. You come up with the bright idea of making sandwich board style sign outside saying “FREE TRAVEL MUGS FOR CUSTOMERS 12PM-4PM!” People driving by will notice the sign and be enticed to get a wash if they know they’ll get something extra for choosing you and you in return get the busiest four hours of your entire day so much so that you may need to order more mugs!

    People respond well to this kind of marketing because not only do they get extra value to what you’re already offering, but it engages them to be part of the excitement! So few businesses generate excitement from customers about your business but your generosity will be rewarded because...

  9. People Remember Goodwill, Not Marketing Schticks
  10. Creating loyal customers is the biggest advantage of using promotional products. People are bombarded everyday by marketing messages all asking for them to spend their money on a product or service—it’s a breath of fresh air for consumers to be given something that shows that they as customers have value too, not just your business and what you’re offering. It’s advertising that puts your prospect in a position of wanting to listen to your value proposition rather than the traditional method of them having to deal with with your value proposition whether they want to hear it or not (TV commercials or being interrupted by someone passing out flyers on the street being a few of the biggest offenders).

This isn’t to say that traditional advertising doesn’t have its place—it’s still valuable for businesses to remind people of their presence in a passive manner. However, the best way to get people to do something is to get them to want to do it themselves and all advertising does is asks people to give them their time and attention. All people want is to be shown that they are important and a thoughtful gesture makes people comfortable with listening to what else you've got to offer. It’s that generous gesture is how promotional products accomplishes the job that many forms of advertising tries and fails to do on numerous occasions.