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Considering Customized T-Shirts for your Special Event?

We offer customized t-shirt design at reasonable prices. Bold graphic designs on attractive t-shirts capture the spirit of your event, help promote it year around, and are great for fundraisers. Event planners love us as we come in on budget, on time!

Our creative embroidery department truly soars above and beyond the rest of the customized apparel pack. Every embroidery design—whether it's machine embroidery or custom embroidery—is an innovative work of art that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Every piece of our custom imprinted and embroidered apparel, custom embroidered patches, custom t-shirts/polo shirts and promotional products are inspected by quality experts for better quality.

We are Experienced Custom T-shirt Designers

Over the years we’ve done it all—from events like rodeos, car shows, motorcycle clubs, to t-shirts for teams, family reunions and churches.

Our dynamic art department is skilled and experienced in creating designs of various themes and styles.

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  • “We have been working with the CAT Specialties for over 20 years. Their quality of work is exceptional; their prices are the “best in town”. They make every effort to accommodate tight deadlines and in the event there is ever any problem, they resolve it quickly.”

    Covina Parks and Recreation Dept.

  • “Thanks for the follow up. WildWings was helping out at the Audubon booth, and we sold $750 worth of tee shirts. Almost paid for the whole order the day after I picked them up. Everyone likes the shirts and they are going like hot cakes. A really big fat guy was very surprised when I was able to hand him a XXXL size.

    The quality of your tee's and the WildWings layout is great. There is an old programmer saying - good, fast, and cheap - Pick any two. Well, at C.A.T. you get all three. I'll see you again when I need more.”

    Bob Everett, WildWings

  • “I saw the shirts for the first time today. They look great! The graphic is clear (and cuter than I even thought it would be) and the shirt color is perfect. The kids think they're cool (and you know how important that is)

    I am very pleased Mark, thank you so very much.”

    Carla Vargas, Cole Elementary

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