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CAT Specialties 21st Century Custom Patch Embroidery Is Not Your Grandmother's Handiwork.

EmbroideryOur custom embroidery services offer many opportunities for creativity all accomplished by modern technology. However, human input better known as our expert art department takes into consideration if the logo can be properly embroidered as fine detail may not lend itself to making a stitch. If you don't have a logo or your logo needs further enhancement, the art department can do that too.

Your garment or patch is expertly hooped and the area to be embroidered is stabilized with a backing. After the embroidery is done, the patch or garment goes to the finishing department which cleans up the design, trims any extraneous pieces of thread, and rigorously checks for quality control. Your garment is folded and then prepared for shipping.

The military, law enforcement, government agencies and state/county/and city municipalities as well as civic organizations use custom patch embroidery on uniforms and blazers while Girl/Boy Scouts, bikers, car clubs, little league, and martial arts favor custom patch embroidery to designate accomplishments and awards. But don't stop there as the possible use for custom patches and emblems is endless.

Advantages of Custom Embroidery Services

With custom patch embroidery or custom embroidery services the minimums are lower. In some cases we can sew one piece if that is your preference.

When image matters, business chooses custom embroidery services over screen printing.

The business casual dress code lends itself to reproducing corporate logos on polo shirts for a professionally polished look 

Your employees look and feel good wearing quality custom embroidered polo shirts.

Custom embroidery services looks expensive. If done properly, it lasts a long time and actually improves the value of the garment.

Mix the traditional with the innovative by combining beautiful stitching, fancy monograms, fluorescent and metallic threads to weave a little magic into your custom embroidery products.

EmbroideryCustom EmbroideryCustom Embroidery Services

"We have nothing but positive feedback about CAT Specialties. Their product selection is great and their support service is superb. We would have no hesitation in using CAT Specialties again in the future."

Jenny Sagstrom, Account Director Skona Advertising


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