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“Each year I wonder how you are going to improve the design from the year before and you always do, but this year you have really outdone yourself. It is beautiful! I love it. This is going to look great. Thanks for doing such a great job.”

Terri F, Covina Thunderfest Coordinator

Our dynamic art department...
It’s what separates us from the hack jobs and swap meet/garage screen printing and embroidery shops. We have immense pride in our artistic creations as well as the quality with which our products are embellished.

Your meeting with the Art Department would go something like this:

Please tell us your project needs: What do you want the shirt for? Is the shirt for a fundraising event? For sale? Corporate custom apparel? Tradeshows? Giveaways as promotions or party favors? Is this for a one-time event or ongoing project?
Your budget will determine the kind of shirts that we can offer; how many imprint locations to do; and the number of colors to be used. Do you need artwork for shirts only? Or do you also need custom embroidered apparel, embroidered patches, business cards, letterhead, and promotional products?
When do you need the shirts? Within two weeks or two days? Will you pick them up or do we need to ship? In life, timing is everything and this factor helps us to determine the right product in order to meet your time constraints.

By listening carefully to your needs, the artists will begin to create. Sketches go back and forth between you and the artist until the final draft is presented for pre-approval before production. The above process also applies to custom embroidery services and embroidered patches.

There is a strong gratification factor when one of our artists can take your concept and create a design then print it on a shirt. The look on a client's face when he or she sees an idea, which may have only existed inside their head or in a rough sketch; and then transforms it into something real by imprinting on a garment can be -- as the saying goes - priceless.

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